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Hello and welcome to I'd like to introduce myself, Brooke Luciano, as well as this new and innovative technology using the natural healing powers of light.
Light therapy is science-based technology which is used to safely treat and improve aesthetics, as well as sports injuries and pain management. 
I first explored the uses of Red and Infra-Red (IR) light when the President of a Perfect Light (APL), Dan Schell, introduced me to the new technology in the form of a 
light machine in which he created. I have a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from UCSC and I have had a great degree of interest in Cellular Biology and the 
search for natural medicines that can be derived from the marine environment.  I came to Mr. Schell with a recurring ankle injury from many years of participating 
in various sports. After one treatment for twenty minutes I noticed the swelling went down in my ankle, as well as the pain.  I continued to visit Mr. Schell and his machine,
APL and treated a variety of sports injuries and ailments. Each time, I noticed I was improving, and was almost completely pain-free. During these visits I also treated my body and 
face aesthetically.  I noticed my facial Rosatia was fading, as well as a body scar after several treatments.  I was completely amazed with the healing process from using only 
Red and IR light. It seemed the damage done by my many activities, including basketball, track, cross country, soccer, swimming, triathalons, and scuba diving, had begun to naturally heal using APL.
My passion for science kept me interested in learning new ideas and techniques to improve the quality of life in the only body we have. Unfortunately, my active lifestyle
came to a screeching halt in October 2007 when I was in an auto accident and was rear ended at 50mph. I herniated three disks in this life-changing accident. 
This meant that I could no longer run, or play any sports. My C2-3 and C3-4 disks were herniated in my neck as well as the natural curvature of my spine was reversed, and L5 disk herniation in my lower back.  
I no longer had feeling in several fingers on my right hand, various nerve endings on my legs and back were also damaged.  I could hardly walk and sitting down was even painful.  
This was no was to live, I was miserable. I went through an entire painful year of treatments; this included hundreds of chiropractic visits (almost daily), three nerve blocks, 
decompression therapy, ultrasound, electric stem, tons of medicine, acupuncture, and massage. It seemed nothing helped, every treatment was temporary and short-lived.  
I received the bad news at the end of 2008 that I would be permanently disabled, would never again feel my thumb and pointer finger on my right hand, and would be dealing with the constant pain for the rest of my life. 
I was 26 years old at the time and this news brought me to tears. The last option the doctors told me was surgery. This would involve a 3 inch long incision on the front of my neck, and metal inserted in my spine in order 
to give space for the damaged disks to get fluid and become healthy again.  I did not want to get the surgery done. I thought it too invasive and I would definitely never be able to play any sports again with metal in my neck.
I contacted Mr. Schell after receiving the news. He immediately told me to try the APL machine for a a period of 2 weeks every day. He insisted that if I used it regularly, that my pain would ease and the disks
may even begin to take the fluid they needed to be healthy again.  Little by little, my pain eased. I stopped my daily chiropractic treatments. 
The pain medicine, nerve desensitizing medicine, muscle relaxer, and ibuprofin were omitted from my daily routine one by one. I was able to actually walk and sit with little pain . Instead of being constantly 
uncomfortable and moody due to feeling bad, I was a new woman!!! After a couple months I was even wearing high heels again! After nine months of using the machine semi-regularly, I am happy to say that I am now able to 
workout mildly doing the eliptical machine and light impact activities.  I can not jog for longer than 10 minutes yet, but the fact that I can even jog at all has me amazed!! Everything I took for granted in day to day
life and movements with my body is now treasured.  I am not taking any medicine for my pain,inflammation, or my nerves.  I'm only using the natural healing powers of APL's light therapy machine. Thank you Dan Schell
and APL for giving me the NEW chance to heal my body and recover from the accident.  
I would now like to share the healing powers of Red and IR light with you and anyone you know who has chronic pain, inflammation, sports injuries, and anything slowing your life down.  The healing properties of light therapy
are backed by hundreds of years of research dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who first documented the theory and practice of solar therapy. Please look around my website for more information on the technology behind
the APL machine as well as information and supportive research on light therapy in general.  I also have provided many pictures and testimonials from people that myself or Mr. Schell has treated. I hope that I can help you in any way
possible and treat your ailments, anything from small scars to tumors and disk herniation, sciatica, and the treatment of chronic pain.  The healing powers of light are so immense it is indeed the new medicine of the future.