Hello, and welcome to LightTherapyMD.com.

I'd like to introduce myself as well as this new and innovative technology using the natural healing powers of light. Light therapy is science-based technology which is used to safely treat and improve aesthetics, as well as sports injuries and pain management.

I first explored the uses of Red and Infra-Red (IR) light when the President of A Perfect Light (APL), Dan Schell, introduced me to the new technology in the form of a light machine in which he created. I have a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from UCSC and I have had a great degree of interest in Cellular Biology and the search for natural medicines that can be derived from the marine environment.

I came to Mr. Schell with a recurring ankle injury from many years of participating in various sports. After one treatment for twenty minutes I noticed the swelling went down in my ankle, as well as the pain. I continued to visit Mr. Schell and his machine (APL), and treated a variety of sports injuries and ailments. Each time, I noticed I was improving, and was almost completely pain-free. During these visits I also treated my body and face aesthetically. I noticed my facial Rosatia was fading, as well as a body scar after several treatments. I was completely amazed with the healing process from using only Red and IR light. It seemed the damage done by my many activities, including basketball, track, cross country, soccer, swimming, triathlons, and scuba diving, had begun to naturally heal using APL.

My passion for science kept me interested in learning new ideas and techniques to improve the quality of life in the only body we have.